WINO & CONNY OCHS To Play Roadburn Festival 2012

Roadburn 2012 - Wino & ConnyOchs

Roadburn are really excited to announce that Wino will be doing a second show at Roadburn 2012, in addition to his performance at The Obsessed reunion. On Friday, April 13th, Wino will pair up with Conny Ochs for an heartfelt performance at Het Patronaat. The duo is currently touring Europe in support of their much acclaimed collaborative album, Heavy Kingdom, now out on Exile on Mainstream Records and you can read Ollie’s review HERE.

Heavy Kindom is more of an extension of Wino‘s solo album, Adrift, as it draws from folk, Americana and blues, as well as from his more obvious influences, thus displaying the same darkness and melancholy of the finest doom metal, only by stripping the music back to its naked form.

Despite the age gap between the pair, Ochs’ vocals display the same whirlwind of emotions as Wino, and they have a natural, sympathetic way of allowing their own ranges to harmonise and weave around each other… much as they do with their guitar playing.

Wino & Conny Ochs will bring their ‘collective acoustic doom’ to the main floor of Het Patronaat, located only about 30 meters from the entrance to the 013 venue. Please note: their performance will start at 3pm, only 30 minutes after the doors open.