HELL COMES HOME Split 7″ Series VOLUME 1 Now Available!

Hell Comes Home 'Volume 1' 12 x 7" Box Set

Hell Comes Home‘s split series simply titled “Volume 1“, is now complete and available for purchase as a limited edition box-set. This collection of new and unreleased music, includes 12 splits 7″ released in 2012 individually or as part of a subscription club. This compilation features hidden treasures as well as pillars of today’s “underground” music world, beautifully packaged by Kuba Sokolski.

VOLUME 1 includes:
HCH-001 – Kowloon Walled City (US) / Thou (US) split 7″
HCH-002 – Suma (SE) / Ultraphallus (BE) split 7″
HCH-003 – Dephosphorus (GR) / Great Falls (US) split 7″
HCH-004 – Akaname (AU) / Lesbian’s Fungal Abyss (US) split 7″
HCH-005 – Pyramido (SE) / Union Of Sleep (DE) split 7″
HCH-006 – Burning Love (CA) / Fight Amp (US) split 7″
HCH-007 – Coffinworm (US) / Fistula (US) split 7″
HCH-008 – The Swan King (US) / Tellusian (SE) split 7″
HCH-009 – Dukatalon (ISR) / Rites (IRL) split 7″
HCH-010 – Black Sun (UK) / Throat (FI) split 7″
HCH-011 – Dopefight (UK) / The Fucking Wrath (US) split 7″
HCH-012 – Dead Elephant (IT) / Rabbits (US) split 7″

You can stream the Kowloon Walled City / Thou Split below while the remaining songs can be streamed on either on their website, Bandcamp or Soundcloud page.