HEADLESS KROSS Head To The Emerald Isle Next Month For A 3 Date Tour

Headless Kross

Glasgow’s psych-doom trio HEADLESS KROSS will hit Irish shores at the beginning of August for 3 dates off the back of their new split 12″ with Lazarus Blackstar which is out now on Head Of Crom Records (purchase HERE) and the tour schedule is as follows:

01/08/2013 – Upstairs @ Roisins, Galway W/ Lurch + Gummidge
02/08/2013 – The Pint, Dublin W/ Slomatics, Wild Rocket + Lurch
03/08/2013 – Voodoo, Belfast W/ Slomatics, Wild Rocket + Comly Or Die

Time, that Destroyer of Days, the force that marches us irresistably towards death, has a new drum major. With their unrelenting pscyhedelic-tinged doom, HEADLESS KROSS, a three-piece drawn from the depths of Scotland’s underground music scene, have made it their mission to provide us with a monolithic soundtrack as we trudge towards the End Times.

But HEADLESS KROSS are not merely vessels of bestial noise – they are blessed with a higher state of conciousness that allows them to transcend this Earthly bind and take the listener on a celestial exploration of rock’s outer limits – where they transmit riffs so perfect, lesser mortals are driven to invade the stage and try and steal the notes for themselves like a backwards child snatching at glittering sunbeams.

So don’t make the mistake that fool Christ did – when they come to your town, genuflect before the HEADLESS KROSS and hope that the machinery of their unrelenting musical juggernaut will spare you your pitiful fate.