EMPIRE OF RATS Unloads A Fresh Beatdown With “Society’s Zero” Via Toxicbreed’s Funhouse

Empire Of Rats

As they gear up for the nearing release of their vicious self-titled debut LP via A389 on the first day of October MMXIII, EMPIRE OF RATS unloads a vigorous aural beating with a new track from the album.

Delivered to you by Toxicbreed’s Funhouse, “Society’s Zero” is the fifth of eleven aggressively brutal tracks on Empire Of Rats, and lies as a perfect example of the downtrodden and contemptuous revenge-seeking rage this Columbus act’s unfuckwithable first album bears. EMPIRE OF RATS’ clever take on beatdown-style metallic hardcore is definitely in the vein of classic acts like Merauder, Hatebreeed, 100 Demons, Cold As Life, Crucified and the like, delivered in a convincing and incredibly menacing delivery, boasting more actual hardcore songwriting ability than countless soulless clones of said acts. The stomping gang-chant closing out “Society’s Zero” says it all, as the crew bellows, “I REFUSE TO FALL IN LINE, AS THE BLIND MISLEAD THE BLIND. PARASITE.”

Do it; hit Toxicbreed’s Funhouse and see how it feels to be “Society’s Zero” RIGHT HERE.

Last month Lambgoat dropped the album’s “Another Minute In HellHERE.

Empire Of Rats - Artwork

A389 will release the album via download and 12” vinyl on October 1st, 2013, followed by a CD version now set for release via European label Marked For Death Records. A cast of warriors who have collectively done time in Palehorse, Under One Flag, Pitboss 2000 and countless others unify their hateful talents in EMPIRE OF RATS, forming a devastating style which is a brutal reminder that heavy hardcore is alive and well. On their self-titled debut LP, these scene-veterans have created a perfect record that is sincere, energetic and unapologetically pissed-off without coming off as paint-by-numbers.

Live EMPIRE OF RATS actions in support of the LP will be announced in the weeks ahead; watch out.


Source: Earsplit PR