DOCTOR CYCLOPS Unleash New Video For The Track ‘Angel Saviour In The Cannibal House’

Doctor Cyclops

Welcome to the roots of life and witchcraft, welcome to DOCTOR CYCLOPS‘ mountains. Born in the middle of nowhere in Northern Italy, the power trio is ready to unleash its 2nd LP ‘Oscuropasso’ this February via World In Sound Records.

Their first video for this album will take you to the Cannibal House, following the steps of Kaspar Hauser and all the people lost in a society they can’t understand anymore. Shot like a 70s horror film, the video for ‘Angel Saviour In The Cannibal House’ is a great introduction to the atmosphere and grooves of ‘Oscuropasso’ : life, death, sorcery, goblins and rotten trolls.

Now delve into the realms of the DOCTOR CYCLOPS and stream the video for ‘Angel Saviour In The Cannibal House’ below.

More news on the release of ‘Oscuropasso’ will be announced soon, watch this space.