BELZEBONG To Summon The Beast At Desertfest 2013


It’s time for the third Desertfest announcement and the folks behind the festival are glad to bring heavy weight Doomsters Belzebong over for Desertfest 2013.

You would think that Belzebong were forged in the bowels of hell, but you would be mistaken – it was actually Poland. The heavy doomfuzzed licks of these mammoth riff conjurors, have been destroying mortal souls since 2008. Their debut album ‘Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves’ needs not much explaining, it’s an epic journey through the hazy weed induced trip that they have created for your aural pleasures.

Prepare yourselves to worship the beast that is Belzebong.

Desertfest 2013 takes place between 26th – 28th April 2013 over 4 venues in Camden, London and tickets go on sale on the 13th November at