AUTHOR & PUNISHER: Wired Investigates Tristan Shone’s Voice-Modulating Masks + Interview & Video Demonstration

Author & Punisher

AUTHOR & PUNISHER master sound manipulator, Tristan Shone, recently spoke with Wired Magazine for an in-depth investigation of the voice modulating masks – among many other handcrafted industrial contraptions — that aid in his cacophonous manifestation of cold mechanical doom.

Elaborates Shone, These Masks are as much an abstract representation of what heavy music is for me as they are the physical form of it. When I put these little bastards on I feel powerful, transformed and honestly a little light-headed because it is hard to breathe. I might need some gills on the next ones…I would like to extend thanks to Augie Arredondo who has pretty much directed all of my videos. He has become a great friend and we just sort of hang out, drink beer and shoot whatever. It really helps to have somebody so chill to collaborate on these videos with, because the shots are spontaneous. Many thanks also to Wired for reaching out once again and supporting underground music.

Peer into Shone’s fascinating world of audio deconstruction, courtesy of Wired Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

Author & Punisher 'Women Children' Artwork

AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s latest full-length, Women & Children, was released last year via Seventh Rule Recordings, the record continues to floor fans and critics nationwide and abroad for its disturbingly poignant brand of mechanical doom. In employing primarily custom designed and fabricated machines, speakers and various devices that draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics, Shone – who boasts a BS in mechanical engineering and an MFA in visual arts — manages to replicate dejection, desperation and profound sorrow through his maniacal sonic decomposition with curious poise. You can also read Mark’s review HERE.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s Women & Children is currently available via Seventh Rule Recordings. Order your copy at THIS LOCATION.

Source: Earsplit PR