ARGUS: ‘Beyond The Martyrs’ Streaming In Full At


Beyond The Martyrs, the third studio full-length from Pennsylvania doom unit ARGUS, is now streaming exclusively at the online portal for Zero Tolerance Magazine. Echoes of this solid offering are bouncing across the net with reviews are already praising the album as the band’s “most memorable studio release to date” ( The album comes out today in the US and October 4 in Europe on Cruz Del Sur Music. Give it a listen now at THIS LOCATION.

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Argus 'Beyond The Martyrs' Artwork

Pennsylvania’s ARGUS stormed onto the underground metal scene with their twin guitar-driven, doom-tinged, working class metal sound. Releasing a self-recorded demo in early 2007 on John Brenner’s (Revelation/Against Nature) DIY label, Bland Hand Records, the band was roundly welcomed by the metal community at home as well as abroad and established its foundation amongst friends/fans within the scene. With this initial momentum, the band created a buzz that was only solidified by their punishing live performances. Their self-titled debut album was released in May of 2009, receiving much critical praise. Following, was the 2011 release of the epic album Boldly Stride The Doomed, which also marks a switch to the record label, Cruz Del Sur. The band has continued to gain notoriety, traveling abroad and around the U.S. The release of their third full-length album, Beyond The Martyrs, is staged for release in October 2013.

Butch Balich – vocals
Jason Mucio – guitar
Erik Johnson – guitar
Andy Ramage – bass
Kevin Latchaw – drums

Source: ClawHammer PR