1in12 Club Benefit Download Compilation

1-In-12 Club Bardford - Liberty, Equality, Solidarity

As you might be aware the 1in12 Club in Bradford needs to raise some money quickly for essential building works.

Here’s a benefit download compilation of some of the finest diy hardcore/punk bands in the UK. Raging d beat, grind, doom, metal, thrash, power violence, crust, emo & just about any other style of making loud noises with guitars is represented. A lot of the stuff is exclusive to this compilation and never released before. The other stuff is solid gold hits. There’s 27 bands in total so it’s well worth your time.

It’s just £1 but we’d encourage people to dig deep and pay a bit extra as every penny will help.

Some of the bands featured include Drainland, Moloch, Pine Barrens, Volition, redrighthand, Dead In The Woods, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Army Of Flying Robots, Jinn, Mob Rules, State Icons and many many more!

For more info and purchasing, please point your browser to: