Red Fang / The Shrine / Lord Dying @ Effenaar, Eindhoven 22/03/2014 + Afterparty w/ Zamora & Monomyth

Red Fang - Euro Tour 2014

Opener for today’s show is Lord Dying. The stern doom sound of the band is reinforced today by its static performance. There may be ample reasons for that performance, for example playing at 18.30 in front of a venue not even half filled. Whatever it is, the band plays a set that can be considered alright, and with that all has been said. The impression that they were there simply because they had to, lingers with the spectators.

Lord Dying @ Effenaar, Eindhoven 22/03/2014 - Photo by Paul Verhagen

This is no problem for The Shrine, which might have to do with their general laissez-faire attitude on stage. It’s just pure fun, kicking out some jams that sound like you can skate to them. With swirling beards and guitars, the band makes it a short but impressive show. The new album ‘Bless Off’ only come out a few weeks ago, and the band is eager to let us hear songs from this record. The show is energetic and fun, the songs make thrash and stoner meet in a groovy embrace. Musically the band is fun and furious, sounding like the weird combination of Black Flag meeting with Blue Cheer with the heavy pounding of Black Sabbath. They could have gone on to play some more to be honest.

The Shrine @ Effenaar, Eindhoven 22/03/2014 - Photo by Paul Verhagen

Red Fang played the Effenaar about a year ago, suddenly emerging as headliner when Clutch dropped of the bill due to some family issues. The band was not ready to do that extra thing a headliner is required to do. This time they are the actual band you pay to see and they need to deliver.

Their work ethic clearly speaks for them, the band is playing hard and trying to let the guitar work do the talking for them. Apart from some ‘Yeah!’ shouting in between the songs, the interaction is limited and the songs off their new record ‘Whales And Leeches’ are well done but lacking that hit potential to really impress. The beer has flown liberally so there’s some moshing and headbanging going on to the sturdy tide of riffing from the stage. The pounding sound of the band with some of their more recognizable songs ‘Into The Eye’ and ‘Prehistoric Dog’ is great for some dancing and partying and the audience enjoys that to the fullest.

Red Fang @ Effenaar, Eindhoven 22/03/2014 - Photo by Paul Verhagen

The show ends a bit past nine, still early, many visitors have already had their fill and go home. Red Fang is a cool band and is a perfect support act for bands like Mastodon and Clutch or whenever a slightly poppier edge can be found. As a headliner, the band is sorely lacking that something special. Not without reason, part of the venue is blocked off. They’re the decent middle-of-the-road sludge band that you can safely enjoy, but that’s alright.

Luckily there’s some after party going on, on the smaller stage, with first the band Zamora featuring ex-members of Celestial Season and Suimasen. The band is aiming for a sound between the Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr. and I am choosing the word ‘aiming’ for a reason. The sound these guys, who do look the part for a Pumpkins cover band, actually produce is a confused mix of the Pumpkins meeting The xx and Billy Corgan having his teeth punched in. The vocals are barely audible and the set is just a long boring walk down the same visual path on the backround. If you do visuals on a beamer, please take more than one picture of a little path through the fields. Tonight it was rather fitting though.

Zamora @ Effenaar, Eindhoven 22/03/2014 - Photo by Paul Verhagen

I’ve only stayed through that set for one reason: Monomyth. The band already waltzed over Roadburn and finally I get to see the band that produced an amazing self-titled record. They do not disappoint tonight. There sound is very thought through, but also has a very keen Dutch ring to it. The band never tries to be too majestic, but just flows. The stage is filled with smoke and the band places with total focus, dragging the audience along. Monomyth are far removed music wise from Red Fang, but makes this night a complete experience.

Monomyth @ Effenaar, Eindhoven 22/03/2014 - Photo by Paul Verhagen

Scribed by: Guido Segers
Photos by: Paul Verhagen