Dukatalon, Ke$$ef, Dirk Diggler @ Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv 14/02/2014

Dukatalon, Ke$$ef, Dirk Diggler @ Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv 14/02/2014

2014 has been one slow year for the Israeli metal scene, but in the positive sense. Doom and stoner metal bands like Ke$$ef and Sheen Daled have been sprouting from the infertile land filled with grind core and black metal bands. On the second week of February the three behemoths (Dirk Diggler, Ke$$ef, Dukatalon) cooperated under Levontin 7’s black basement, rightfully so, naming the event Amplifier Worship.

The night started with Dirk Diggler’s hilarious take on grindcore more specifically pornogrind. The three piece band consist of Idan Ezra (guitar), Assaf Alper (vocals), and Nir Armstrong (drums). The band play most of their songs from their self-titled album which was released on Relapse Records and their “new” EP ‘Hash and Masturbation’ which was self-released. Diggler’s performance is fast, direct and fucking gnarly. With songs like ‘Without Clothes You Don’t Look Religious’ and ‘Everything But Yemenite Girls’ it makes you giggle and un-proportionally bang your head to precise drumming from Armstrong and solidified riffs from Ezra. Alper’s screams and personality make Dirk Diggler portray child molestation in the funniest way possible, as fucked up as that seems.

Ke$$ef translates to ‘money’ in Hebrew are a new stoner band from no surprises, Tel-Aviv. Ke$$ef consists of Shal Pollak (guitar and lead vocals), Pelleg Halfin (guitar), Roy Chen (drums), Gil Ben-Jacob (bass). Groovy melodies and alternated drumming kicks off the show for Ke$$ef. Through the walls of Sunn amps Pollak’s vocals shimmer within the grooviness of their riffs.

Dukatalon are probably one of the pioneers in the Israeli doom/stoner scene and rightfully so. In their early years 2005-2006 they opened up for Om’s majestic six-hour performance in Jerusalem and have played with bands like Karma to Burn. Dukatalon’s members are Zafrir Tzori (vocals, guitar), Yariv Shilo (drums), Roi Ben Samuel (bass). The gig started off with their new song which gives a Weedeater meets Bongripper vibe, full throttle on Tzori’s end. Songs like ‘Run’ and ‘Electric Site’ make riffs seem like ten ton hammers.

All in all this was crazy riff worshiping night which consolidated a lot of bands from the heavy scene in Israel and the atmosphere was equivalent to a mini-heavy days in doom town.

Hail the riff.

Scribed by: Daniel Arom