Nothing: Antony Bartlett Interviews Lead Guitarist Brandon Setta

Despite the completion of their album there’s not been much time to relax, touring and more touring now as the popularity of this great band from Philadelphia increases. I interviewed Brandon Setta who tells us all about the lack of sleep, bad attitudes of Philly and touring. So sit down, join him for a drink and enjoy the interview!


Hi guys first of all I’d like to say thanks for letting us interview you for the new album. Secondly I fucking loved it. It goes without saying but I’ll ask anyway, did you guys enjoy recording it?

We basically tracked every instrument twice because we weren’t happy with our first attempt. It took a really long time and we did a lot of pills and drank a lot of wine and coffee. It wasn’t fun. Like at all. It took a few years off my life I’m sure.

Speaking of enjoying, what’s each of your favourite tracks from the new album?

Dig or Bent Nail. Somersault’s ok too.

I hear a lot of old school influences in your sound, mainly a lot from the old New York scene, bands like Quicksand and Gorilla Biscuits with definite hints of Pumpkins but who would you say your biggest influences have been?

Definitely heavy Smashing Pumpkins influence on anything I’ve ever written. Nirvana, Grunge and early Indie/Shoegaze. Too many too mention. Believe it or not we listen to other bands besides MBV, Slowdive and Ride. Mainly Metallica-unforgiven. On repeat.

Ironically the band is called Nothing but you guys seem to be getting a lot of exposure off this new album. What was the choice for the band name in the first place?

I dunno I was too busy doing some other stupid shit when the band was named. Like being straight edge and having a girlfriend.

Nothing 'Guilty Of Everything' Artwork

How did gain the attention of Relapse Records as your tones are certainly at a juxtaposition to their usual roster of bands? Did being located in Philly, also the home of the label, help this?

Jeff Ziegler who recorded the record, told us that they were asking about us, over a glass of boxed wine at 11am. We got in contact and got really drunk with them and now we’re on Relapse. Best dudes. They really care about us, or at least they’re good actors.

And coming from someone who has never been to Philly, how exactly is the music scene there?

Spiteful, unsupportive, boring, bland. Tons of terrible bands with terrible attitudes. We may or may not be one of them.

It seems like its all go at the moment, the album’s on its way to release and the second single is out. How are you dealing with the pressure?

I’m holding up my bottle of rum but you can’t see.

You guys seem to be touring a fair bit at the moment, where would you say your favourite place in the States is? Besides your home town of course.

We like the West Coast, tons of friends out there and Chicago, Boston, New York, anywhere but here, anywhere but Florida too.

I read that you guys are looking to do a European tour soon? Did I hear this correctly as there are quite a few people in Europe eager to see you live?


We will be there in July if all plans remain the same and none of us overdose or kill ourselves.

Sadly I don’t know much about your history? How did you guys meet?

I was at a party and I heard someone was there with some good shit to score. They pointed me out to Nicky who was passed out on the floor next to a cat litter box in a pile of puke. I shook him awake and somehow got him to sell me a $40 bag. I even shorted him $10 cause I knew how fucked up he was. I never thought I’d see that fool again and then a week later he’s in my basement practicing. I never gave him the $10.

Do you have a main songwriter, or is it generally a group process?

I write a lot of the riffs cause I literally do nothing with my life, if Nicky doesn’t like it he will change it and we argue for like a week. We all do our part in the writing process. Musically and lyrically.

Besides touring, and the album release of course what are your plans this year?

That’s really it the only thing keeping me out of the gutter. I have no plans besides doing this band and other musical projects.

Thanks for answering the questions, it’s been a pleasure. Looking forward to seeing you guys if you make your way through Europe this year, please make sure you swing through the Netherlands and feel free to use this space for any final words ?

Bobb Bruno for president.

Guilty Of Everything is available to pre-order from the Relapse Records webstore HERE and you can read Antony’s review HERE.

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Interviewed by: Antony Bartlett