Video Premiere: Orgöne ‘Mothership Egypt’ & ‘Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut’

Running this here website can throw up some complete surprises with bands you might have easily overlooked. France’s Orgöne are a prize example of this. Difficult to completely pigeon hole, their debut album, Mos/Fet , consists of 4 ‘movements’ of what can only be described as a melting pot of psych, prog, stoner and even world music that will be released via Heavy Psych Sounds on 19th June.


And today, we’re elated to be premiering their first video, the band comments…

‘The first video-clip from Orgöne shows the band playing their songs Mothership Egypt and Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut, from their Anubis Rising Suite. This total DIY video, shot one week before the quarantine, is a way for the band to present (with a touch of humour and even irony) their psychedelic, mystic, spacy and dreamy inner landscape, fulfilled with ancient gods from other planets and pan-africanism.’

Now click play below and pre-orders for their new album Mos/Fet are available on CD, various vinyl pressings and digital download from the Heavy Psych Sounds webstore.

More On Orgöne & ‘Mos/Fet’

Mos/Fet is the first studio album by the French band Orgöne. Fully self-produced, this first opus is a double album composed of four twenty-minutes tracks, delivering a complete immersion from which you won’t escape unscathed. With Mos/Fet, Orgöne reveals a SF mythology mixing 70s pop culture, ancient Egypt, pan-Africanism, spatial and paranormal exploration against the backdrop of Cold War and USSR.

Orgöne ‘Mos/Fet’

This first album is an interdimensional music journey in which the guide would have left you alone in a dead end world. Sometimes immersed in the thickness of a burning and hostile desert, sometimes in the depths of space, floating in weightlessness or crossing the Milky Way faster than light, atmospheres succeed one after another and tell you incredible, uchronial, dystopian, exhilarating and bewitching stories.

All titles composed and arranged by Orgöne
Recorded at Blue Anvil Sound, 31. May-2. June 2019 by Justin Nicquevert
Mixed by Tom Penaguin
Mastered by Nicolas Moreau & Pierre Le Gac at Le Garage Hermétique
Nick Le Cave plays on IT-11 Amp


Mos/Fet Tracklist:
01. Erstes Ritual
02. Soviet Suit
a. Requiem For A Dead Cosmonaut
b. Soviet Hot Dog (Le Tombeau de Laïka)
c. East Song
03. Anubis Rising
a. Ägyptology
b. Mothership Egypt
c. Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut
04. Astral Fancy

Orgöne are:
Allan Barbarian – Drums & Percussions/Backing Vocals
Nick Le Cave – Bass/Backing Vocals
Tom Angelo – Electric Organ/Synths/Pianet T/Mandolin/Clarinet/Recorder
Marlen Stahl – Guitar/Cello/Violin/Backing Vocals
Olga Rostropovitch – Lead Voice

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram