Video Premiere: The Osiris Club ‘Count Magnus’ – New Album ‘The Green Chapel’ Is Out Now

Back in August, we brought you the video for Moscow that’s taken from the latest album, The Green Chapel, from London based prog rockers The Osiris Club, along with the news that the album’s release had been pushed back to November. Time however flies as before we know it, the 12th November, and the release date is now upon us for the album that Martin described in his review as ‘a dizzying array of sounds, moods and tempo changes’.

The Osiris Club - Photo by Ashley Jones
The Osiris Club – Photo by Ashley Jones

And to celebrate this prestigious release day, it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you a second video, this time for the track Count Magnus, which the band explains, Count Magnus from the new album The Green Chapel, the video and song was inspired by the short M.R James story of the same name, shot on Super 8 film by Holding Hands With Horses and taking musical cues on this track from King Crimson circa Red/Discipline, Cardiacs & Killing Joke’.

More On The Osiris Club & ‘The Green Chapel’

Bad Elephant Music and No Profit Recordings are delighted to announce the release of The Green Chapel, the long-awaited new album from UK-based Watership Doom psych-proggers The Osiris Club, on 12th November.

The third album by The Osiris Club is a journey into the furthest reaches of psychedelia, prog, doom-folk and genres yet to be named. With the addition of acoustic guitars and Mellotron, the band’s trademark riffage has expanded to encompass influences from British folk horror, classic rock and progressive sounds from the 1960s to the present day.

The Osiris Club - Photo by Ashley Jones
The Osiris Club – Photo by Ashley Jones

Unsurprisingly, the ghosts of history lie heavy over this music. Inspired in part by medieval tales of headless knights, blind hares, wild hunts by moonlight and snow-choked English landscapes, the lyrics conjure a world of mysterious powers spilling into reality and ancient forces waiting to be unleashed. Invoking authors such as Arthur Machen and M.R. James, the musical content faithfully mirrors this magical summoning of energies both benign and infernal.

The Osiris Club 'The Green Chapel'
The Osiris Club ‘The Green Chapel’ Artwork

The Green Chapel Tracklistings:
01. Phantasm
02. Moscow
03. The Inmost Light Part 1
04. The Inmost Light Part 2
05. Diamonds In The Wishing Well
06. Count Magnus
07. The Green Chapel I: The Green Chapel
08. The Green Chapel II: Blind Hare & The Pale Lady
09. The Green Chapel III: Winter’s End
10. The Green Chapel IV: My Lord The Sun
11 .The Crow

The Osiris Club on The Green Chapel is:
Sean Cooper – Lead Vocals (1, 2, 5, 6, 11), Bass, Synthesizers
Simon Oakes – Lead Vocals (3, 4, 7, 8 ,9, 10), Cornet, Synthesizers
Chris Fullard – Guitars, FX
Roland Scriver – Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Andrew Prestidge – Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Synthesizers
Hanna Petterson – Saxophone
Misha Hering – Oberheim 4 Voice

The Osiris Club and their third album The Green Chapel is released today, 12th November, as a CD through Bad Elephant Music and opaque green vinyl via No Profit Recordings, along with a digital download.

The Osiris Club 'Blazing Worlds - Live At Roadburn & Twicefold Of Kind'
The Osiris Club ‘Blazing Worlds – Live At Roadburn & Twicefold Of Kind’ Artwork

But that’s not all, as No Profit Recordings will also be issuing a limited silver/black splatter vinyl of The Osiris Club Blazing Worlds – Live At Roadburn & Twicefold Of Kind when they played the festival back in 2015 which is also released today, 12th November, along with The Green Chapel vinyl on the labels Bandcamp, while The Green Chapel on CD/DD is available over on the bands Bandcamp.

Label: Bad Elephant Music | No Profit Recordings
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram