Bong ‘Live At Roadburn 2010’ CD/LP 2010

Bong 'Live At Roadburn 2010' CD/LP 2010Bong play their music like the steady drip drip drip of water. You concentrate on its insistency and its mindful monotony and lose your awareness of mundane reality, yet gain access to your unconscious. If you haven’t seen them already – I implore you to seek out one of their rare appearances.

This is Bong playing at Roadburn last year, wooing the mellow and stoned Nederlanders with a massive hypnotic tenacity. Both tracks slowly pulsing like a steady zen heartbeat, and then pulsing some more. On and on and on and on…driving deep into the hypothalamus, releasing primordial biochemicals that slowly seep throughout the neuro-physiological system.

The two songs here, ‘Onward to Perdondaris’ and ‘Wizards Of Krull’, are virtually indistinguishable. That doesn’t matter one fuckin’ spit because Bong are a concept. A great rolling concept that is only bounded by a beginning and an end because electrical supply and human life is finite. The concept is meditation – the practised awareness of the vibration of all things living and not living – the loss of ego and the absorption of the consciousness into the yawning chasm of here and now in the sense of forever.

You need to be ready to listen to Bong when you put them on your stereo system or your mp3 player or whatever it is you use. Amstrad stacking system. Sony Walkman. Grundig music centre. Wind-up gramophone. This is about as profound as heavy gets. With Bong, in the esoteric tradition of a fair few artistes before them, two notes may very well indeed represent infinity.

Label: Roadburn Records

Scribed by: Adam Stone