Premiere: They Live | We Sleep ‘Sorrowful World’ – Releases This Friday via Trepanation Recordings

Metallic hardcore noiseniks They Live | We Sleep are getting ready to unshackle Sorrowful World, their new four-track EP of ferocious filth. This Friday, 2nd September, is the official date and is being issued through the relentless Trepanation Recordings, a UK label who are fast becoming a staple of our ‘scene’ for releasing painstakingly crafted limited runs.

They Live | We Sleep
They Live | We Sleep

About the new EP, the band comments, Sorrowful World is an introspective record, birthed in isolation. A hate fuelled, joyless dirge at our absolute lowest. Tackling themes of loss, frustration and a general lack of hope in all things. Living in ruin. Sodden with apathy. Powerless to change. Repulsed by the commodification of human suffering and a world so divided. A brief but blistering piece to be consumed on record as much as it is to be experienced live.’

And today, 48 hours before it hits the streets, we at The Shaman are as happy as a pig wallowing in its own shit to be able to bring you this blistering EP in its entirety…

More On They Live | We Sleep & ‘Sorrowful World’ EP

Sorrowful World is their blistering new EP from Wales’ very own They Live | We Sleep, a project used to vent some aggression and energy, that would otherwise be turned inwards.

Following on from 2020’s split with Sense Offender, Sorrowful World comprises of 13 minutes and 31 seconds worth of pure venomous rage, providing an apt soundtrack to the corrupt and crumbling society we find ourselves in.

They Live | We Sleep 'Sorrowful World'
They Live | We Sleep ‘Sorrowful World’ EP Artwork

Sorrowful World Tracklisting:
01. Endless Waltz
02. Doom Scrollers
03. Hellspeak
04. A Sorrowful World

They Live | We Sleep is:
Ben Jones – Vocals
Ross Pullin – Guitar
Niall Kulianos – Bass
Adam French-Henderson – Drums

Sorrowful World, the ferocious new EP from They Live | We Sleep, releases this Friday, 2nd September, through Trepanation Recordings. Pre-orders for the compact disc, cassette, digital download, as well as various t-shirts and bundles are available now over on Bandcamp.

Label: Trepanation Recordings
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram