Premiere: Thee Alcoholics ‘She’s The Man’ – New 7″ EP Drops St. David’s Day, 1st March

Wrong Speed Records, the label run by Joe Thompson, who also happens to play low-end rumbles in the mammoth Hey Colossus, continue with their 7” EP series after the overnight success of The Mute Servants. This time around, and in keeping with the Hey Colossus connection, the next release is a four-track noise-rock assault from Thee Alcoholics.

Thee Alcoholics
Thee Alcoholics

Featuring drummer Rhys Llewellyn, the 7” will go on sale tomorrow, 1st March, that’s also St. David’s Day at precisely 00.01am. So set your alarm clock, then head over to Wrong Speed Records Bandcamp page to grab a copy, but be quick as it’s limited to just 100 copies.

And today, just hours before the record goes on sale, it’s The Shaman’s honour to bring you the third cut from the EP in the form of She’s The Man. So what are you waiting for, click play below and beholden to the abrasive noise-rock sonics…

More On Thee Alcoholics & 7” EP

The first Thee Alcoholics tape sold out in 24 hours. They went from no one knowing them to sold out instantly with their aural assault of smashing The Fall/Chrome/Silver Apples style repetition meets Am-Rep distorto vocal noise-rock into one south London power group.

Thee Alcoholics 7” EP
Thee Alcoholics 7” EP Artwork

Rhys Llewellyn, drums from Hey Colossus, is the mastermind and you can hear that rhythmic swing. It makes you want to be at a dark as hell, hot as hell, loud as hell basement show with 50 people. It makes you want to dance at 1am with sweat pouring down the walls. Simply no fucking about, no hyperbole and total destruction, you know this is the shit.

7” EP Tracklisting:
01. Brainwash Box
02. Turn On The Radio
03. She’s The Man
04. The Hole I See

Live Date:
4th March 2022 – Aces & Eights Saloon Bar, Kentish Town, London

Label: Wrong Speed Records
Band Links: Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram