Premiere: T-800 ‘Sin Of Existence // Dermanecrotic’ – Ferocious Death & Blackened Sludge Drops Today

After yesterday’s Wasted Death premiere, if you didn’t check out, why the hell not, so head over there now as we’ll wait. Done? Good, now back to today with the ferocity continuing as The Shaman brings you not one, but two brand new and brutal tracks from the Leeds, by way of Manchester, monstrosity that is T-800.


Although the band only sprung into life last year when they released their self-titled debut in October, which also included a limited run of cassettes by Panurus Productions, the members are no newcomers to the game having played in 72%, Belk, BloodVisions, Coded Marking to name a few.

However, T-800 is a different kinda beast as their new double A side EP featuring the tracks Sin Of Existence and Dermanecrotic sees the band brutalise the airwaves in just six minutes with their vicious death metal, pulverising sludge and feral black metal onslaught.

Now click play below and let T-800 savage your inner soul…

More On T-800 & ‘Sin Of Existence // Dermanecrotic’

T800 began as a recording project from Joel Harries (72%, Lichen Slow) & Alex Pearson (Belk, The Reflecting Skin). Fast and short, the early blunt force tracks recorded by Harries swiftly became something more serious once Pearson’s vocals brought them to life. Their self-titled debut was released on cassette by Panurus Productions in October 2023. Rufus Fox (BloodVisions) and Tom Shuff (Coded Marking) completed the lineup and they set about recording some new music to showcase the full sound of the band.

T-800 'Sin-Of-Existence // Dermanecrotic' Artwork
T-800 ‘Sin-Of-Existence // Dermanecrotic’ Artwork

Sin Of Existence and Dermanecrotic was recorded in Harries studio in Manchester, produced by Harries, mixed by Rufus Fox and then mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. The energy of Shuff’s drumming and Fox’s gritty bass brought a new intensity to the songs along with a fresh perspective on the writing process.

Where their debut was recorded completely remotely, these tracks came together in their practice room in Leeds. Showcasing more of Pearson’s harsh noise set up alongside the tracks fierce new live energy gave this new release a more expansive sound than the short sharp shocks of the cassette release material. Live dates and more releases are on the cards this year as the band continues to evolve.

T-800 is:
Joel Harries – Guitar
Alex Pearson – Vocals, Noise
Rufus Fox – Bass
Tom Shuff – Drums

Sin Of Existence // Dermanecrotic, the new EP from T-800 featuring two tracks of ferocious death and blackened sludge metal is available now over on Bandcamp for a measly £3, what’s not to love?

Label: Independent
Band Links: Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram