Video Premiere: ORT ‘Achtern Dub 2’ – Watch & Listen Now To The Industrial Dub Deconstruction

Germany’s instrumental doom and drone trio ORT are not a band to sit on their laurels as upon laying down the two tracks that make up their latest album Maschinenhafen, that was released late last year through My Proud Mountain, they endeavoured to push their sonics further by chopping, splicing and reconstructing the original recorindings.


The result is two compelling industrial dub remixes, guitarist N explains the journey, ‘Inspired by post-punk meets industrial in dub pioneers such as Martin ‘Youth’ Glover or Justin Broadrick and the dubplate culture of jungle music, with the help of our drummer and remixer Simon, we took the Achtern half of the album to give it a dub-treatment for one side of the lathe-record.’

And for Side B, he adds that it features ‘a banging four-to-the-floor interpretation of La Rochelle of epic running time proportions, closing a circle to the fact that all three of us in ORT are also into stuff like Underworld and the like.’

To hear the remixes, you would have needed to get your hands on the, now sold-out (albeit with rumours of a potential repress), ultra-limited edition version of Maschinenhafen that comes with the lathe cut bouns 12″ EP, but today, The Shaman can exclusively bring to the masses the MEINEIN filmed and edited video for the track Achtern Dub 2.

Now click play below to envelope yourself in the industrial dub deconstruction world of ORT

More On ORT & ‘Maschinenhafen’

ORT’s Maschinenhafen is an album beyond all today’s listening habits. Featuring two instrumental tracks which sit somewhere between doom, drone, noise-rock and post-whatever and has been released digitally and on vinyl via My Proud Mountain Records.

ORT is a trio from Dortmund, Germany, founded sometime before the pandemic. The initial plan of the guitarist, also known as drone master solo artist N who played shows all over Europe and drummer Simon with a notorious past of backing the loudest and most abrasive bands in town, was to start some sort of cooperation on the more experimental, electronic side of things.


For some strange reason that plan changed to sweaty, loud practice room jams and led the formation to a full-fledged band, drawing from doom metal and noise-rock influences among many other styles of creative interests and musical listening habits.

Maschinenhafen is ORT’s second album and their first in cooperation with My Proud Mountain. In order to capture their raw energy rather than puzzling together something artificial, ORT recorded Maschinenhafen by playing live together at the well-respected studio Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg.

ORT 'Maschinenhafen' Artwork
ORT ‘Maschinenhafen’ Artwork

Consisting of two long instrumental compositions, the album showcases a side of ORT, which you could call their most epic and atmospheric approach to date, yet the two pieces also march through passages of fierce vehemence and noisy weightiness.

Or to put it another way: trace elements of the early Earth can probably be found in ORT‘s sound and style. A similarity to the dystopian aura of Killing Joke, and the instrumental lack of labels of a band like Blind Idiot God is no longer that far away from uncompromising Sleep’s Dopesmoker.

ORT 'Maschinenhafen' + Lathe Cut Bonus EP
ORT ‘Maschinenhafen’ + Lathe Cut Bonus 12″ EP

Maschinenhafen also came with an ultra-limited DIY clear lathe-cut bonus 12” EP in a handmade screen-print jacket featuring two dub remixes de and re-constructed by N and resident remixer Simon complete with mastering by Peter Körfer.

Maschinenhafen Tracklist:
01. La Rochelle
02. Achtern

Lathe-Cut Bonus 12″ EP Tracklist:
Side A:
01. Achtern Dub 1
02. Achtern Dub 2
Side B:
03. La Remix

Maschinenhafen, the current album from ORT was released in December last year through My Proud Moutain and is available on vinyl from the label’s webstore or digitally over on Bandcamp.

Label: My Proud Mountain
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram