Video Premiere: Omnibadger ‘F I X’ – From The Duo’s New Album ‘Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III’

Following on from yesterday’s coverage of the latest aural assault from Stoke-on-Trent’s experimental duo Omnibadger and their new album Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III, that releases tomorrow, 26th May, through Cruel Nature Records, today sees The Shaman bring you the seizure-inducing video for the track F I X.


About the track, Reza Mills in his review states, ‘with its deliciously demented dark synthwave/post-punk stylings taps into underrated and overlooked late ‘70s/early ‘80s bands such as Factrix’ and adds that Omnibadger are a ‘smörgåsbord of pain and fury.’

And the band say, ‘This one [F I X] makes me think of Thank if their synths gained sentience and demanded their six months among the pomegranates alongside their six in hell.’

Now click play below to get your fix of Omnibadger

More On Omnibadger & ‘Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III’

When Omnibadger started thinking about their second album, it seemed like they had several strands of what they did – a nihilistic side, a bit of an unhinged side, noise and some semblance of songs. They were also playing twenty-minute live sets, which were all extending a single idea. Liking the idea of coherent albums, Jase Kester (electronics, percussion, vocals) said, ‘Which version of ourselves should we be for this?’, and Phil Malpass (electronics, guitar, vocals) replied, ‘Let’s do all of them’.

Omnibadger 'Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III'
Omnibadger ‘Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III’ Artwork

Notice how it says said ‘second album’. And yet this record’s title is conspicuously appended Volume III. All that can be said is if you like your advertising false, then Stoke-on-Trent’s Omnibadger have got you covered with their heady brew of found sounds. Incorporating industrial scuzz riffs, dubbed-out delays, white noise, dictaphones, and eight-tracked drums, their gnarly electro stylings with undulating synths and insistent, fretful beats twitch away as a backdrop to howling vocals. It’s as if Gnaw Their Tongues and Cabaret Voltaire had met in a head-on collision.

Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III Tracklist:
01. Lick One
02. Speeding Ground
03. But What I Want Is Not the Most Important Thing Right Now
04. Surfin’
05. F I X
06. You Never Tell Me What You Think
07. Equations For A Falling Body

Omnibadger is:
Jase Kester – Electronics, Percussion, Vocals
Phil Malpass – Electronics, Guitar, Vocals

Famous Guitar Licks Vol. III, the latest album by the experimental duo Omnibadger, releases tomorrow, 26th May, through Cruel Nature Records and is available over on the labels Bandcamp.

Label: Cruel Nature Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram