Video Premiere: Night Goat ‘Possession’

We here at Shaman HQ love a good split EP, and although not as prominent as they once were, they act as a great snapshot into two (sometimes more) bands, especially if new names to you. Now enter two of Ohio’s heavy weights – Ghost:Hello & Night Goat, who today have unleashed three tracks each of bludgeoning sludge, stoner and noise-rock through Poland’s Interstellar Smoke Records.

Night Goat

To coincide with this pulverising release, we’re elated to bring you the video for Possession, the second track from Night Goat on the EP, and as Reza said in his recent review Possession continues the eerie gothic deathrock vibes of Inverted Burial, but incorporates Melvins style sludge and shades of Helmet’s brand of staccato styled riffing to the mix…’

Now sit back and press play, before heading over to the Interstellar Smoke Records webstore to grab a copy on glorious red & black vinyl.

More On Ghost:Hello & Night Goat Split

Two of the most exciting bands in Ohio’s underground scene, Ghost:Hello and Night Goat, have announced that they will release a split EP on December 1st. Each band contributes three tracks to this banger, with Ghost:Hello showcasing their grunge-inspired space rock and Night Goat responding with their aggressive noise offerings.

Ghost:Hello / Night Goat - Split

Don’t miss this release, a perfect example of two contrasting but complementary sounds coming together to create a standout listening experience.

Ghost:Hello/Night Goat – Split Tracklist:
01. Ghost:Hello – Suit Up
02. Ghost:Hello – Tyler
03. Ghost:Hello – Burnout (Live)
04. Night Goat – Inverted Burial
05. Night Goat – Possession
06. Night Goat – Cult

More On Night Goat

Everyone has a band that they can put on to blow the cobwebs out. Night Goat are set to be that next band. Dealing in scuzzy, fuzzy noise-rock, the quartet released their scorching debut Milk in late December 2019, having already made a name for themselves in their native Ohio by opening for Cherubs and playing with diverse bands like Whores, Low Dose, False Gods, and Backwoods Payback. The band draw from the highlights of early nineties Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go Records – echoes of Unsane, The Jesus Lizard and Helmet all make appearances.

Night Goat

Front and center is Julia Bentley and her ferocious vocals. The lyrics are as dark as they should be for this style of music (‘Feel the beat of a ruptured heart/My axe… your ribcage’), and her delivery is as twisted as her choice of words. The crunch of her husband’s guitar is a fitting accompaniment, as Chris Bentley barrels his way through gnarly riffs, head-spinning noise, and bellowing backing vocals. Dalin Jones, Donnie Casey, and Mike Pavia bring thundering rhythms and raging noise to the table in honor of bands like Tad and the Melvins.

The overall sensation is overwhelming, a cacophony of noisy riffs and distorted screams – just the way noise rock should be. This is one goat that is not to be messed with.

Night Goat are:
Julia Bentley – Vocals
Chris Bentley – Guitar/vocals
Dalin Jones – Bass
Donnie Casey – Drums
Bill Govan – Guitar

More On Ghost:Hello

Ghost:Hello is a synthed up stoner rock family affair from Northeast Ohio. Made up of husband/wife duo Nina Skok and Will Jennings and their longtime friend Pat Delagrange, all three have been playing in DIY bands for decades (recordings to date feature former drummer Joe Kidd). Bringing in all sorts of unorthodox elements into their fuzz rock assault, this three piece counterbalances stoner sludge with trip hop grooves.


Following the release of their fall 2019 record The Sound of Color in Space, it seems like Ghost:Hello are set to take on bold new vistas. Having played around the Midwest since 2013, the local crowd is hungry for what they are about to deliver. A band who are no stranger to hard work, and who constantly push to innovate, Ghost:Hello are a breath of fresh air in a crowded scene!

Ghost:Hello are:
William Jennings – Bass & Vocals
Patrick DeLagrange – Drums
Nina Rich – Synthesizer & Theremin

Ghost:Hello/Night Goat Split EP is out today, 1st December, via Interstellar Smoke Records.

Label: Interstellar Smoke Records
Night Goat: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Ghost:Hello: Offcial | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram