Video Premiere: Greyborn ‘Jharia’ – Taken From Their Debut EP ‘Leeches’ That’s Out Now

Back in March, French melodic, yet with an air of psychedelia, heavy rock three-piece Greyborn released their debut EP Leeches back in March of this year to critical acclaim, and now today, it is with great honour that The Shaman is able to bring you the slightly hypnotic lyric video for Jharia.

Greyborn - Photo by Ardonau
Greyborn – Photo by Ardonau

About the track, the band says, Jharia criticises the prevalence of profit over everything, including the health and survival of certain tribes. The song tells the story of a town in eastern India built around a mine that is riddled with coal fires. They extend deep under the houses, undermine the soil and their fumes corrupt the air. The population is in danger but the mine is profitable and continues to be exploited. An example among many others.’

And Rob Walsh in his review for Leeches states, Jharia finds the apocalyptic modern psychedelia the band is aiming for. A tribal drum beginning accompanies mournful post-rock guitar before launching into a melodic and steady journey across a forsaken landscape’, and for the EP he adds,Greyborn have succeeded in making a unique brand of psychedelic heavy rock.’

Now click play below to watch and listen to Jharia

More On Greyborn & ‘Leeches’

Beholding the ashes of their former band Mama’s Gun, the rhythm section made of Théo Jude (vocals and drums) and Guillaume Barrou (bass) felt the urge to materialize their new ideas and ambitions and quickly invited guitarist Maxime Conan (also bandmate of Jude in Blackbird Hill) to seal the line-up of their new project: Greyborn. A handful of demoed tracks and salutary jams later, the trio gave birth to their five-track debut EP Leeches.

Greyborn 'Leeches'
Greyborn ‘Leeches’ Artwork

The story of Greyborn began in this small interval between light and darkness, somewhere in the cold and mineral city of Limoges. The hopes of a hedonistic generation get shattered as they come up against the programmed decline of our civilization. Greyborn is the messenger of this mass disenchantment, providing its corrosive yet hip-swaying soundtrack, and taking its cue from influences as varied as Red Fang, Queens of the Stone Age and Triggerfinger. Their decadent brand of heavy rock feeds in the world’s darkest corners and follows its own rules, and you won’t help but get struck by its lyricism, taking the form of a poetic political satire.

Leeches Tracklisting:
01. Leeches
02. Bits & Pieces
03. Jharia
04. After Dark
05. Corrosive Faith

Greyborn is:
Théo Jude – Lead Vocals, Drums
Guillaume Barrou – Bass, Backing Vocals
Maxime Conan – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Greyborn and their debut EP Leeches is out now via F2M Planet.

Label: F2M Planet
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram