Premiere: Celestial Season ‘Mysterium’ – From Their New Album ‘Mysterium I’, Releases 25th April Via Burning World

I might be showing my age as I go way back with Celestial Season with being an avid tape trader in the hay day of the 1990s (we probably broke every copyright law under the sun back then, but hey, it was for the cause, right?) when the Dutch doom collective made quite an impact on the bludgeoning underground death and doom metal scene, alongside the likes of Anathema and My Dying Bride.

Celestial Season
Celestial Season – 2020

Their early demos and singles, as well as their albums Forever Scarlet Passion and Solar Lovers (whatever happened to Displeased Records?), would often feature heavily on trading lists and underground distros, so when the news hit the airwaves about the reimagining of their ‘doom-era’ with the release of The Secret Teachings in 2020, I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little bit excited. And now in 2022, Celestial Season are preparing to release the first part in a trilogy of albums under the moniker Mysterium through Burning World Records on 25th April and at Shaman HQ, we jumped at the chance to premiere the title track.

When asked about its meanings, drummer Jason Köhnen says, Mysterium is the title track of the album. The ‘Mysterium’ is the realm one finds in many of the Secret Teachings. The hidden knowledge kept from the masses, which throughout civilizations have been used for either the light or dark occultists, swaying the times between the good and the evil. The basic and universal laws that govern the universe.’

Then adds, ‘As for the song Mysterium, it expresses transcendentalism in the form of doom metal. The video clip accompanies the song expressing art through the ages, human expressions that remain timeless, no matter which epoch we live in. They are constant and universal.’

Now click play below as Celestial Season whisk you back to their formidable doom-era with Mysterium

More On Celestial Season & ‘Mysterium I’

Nearly two years following the release of their comeback album The Secret Teachings, Dutch doom-metal pioneers Celestial Season are ready to release a new full-length album entitled Mysterium I once again through the renowned Burning World Records.

The chemistry between all members of the reunited line-up was so remarkable and productive that resulted in this new album, the first of a trilogy with Mysterium II and Mysterium III to follow in 2022 and 2023. Three new Celestial Season albums all with a different musical concept, an artistic approach that always characterized their past releases.

Celestial Season 'Mysterium I'
Celestial Season ‘Mysterium I’ Artwork

Mysterium I is the natural follow-up to The Secret Teachings and is part of the doom-era initiated with Forever Scarlet Passion from 1993 and Solar Lovers from 1995, widely acclaimed for a heavy, melancholic sound combined with classic instruments like violins and cello. Lyrically, the Mysterium trilogy continues where The Secret Teachings left off. A deep dive into the secrets of the ancient mysteries, all that is known and all what is still to be discovered.

Formed in the early nineties, the Dutch group attained international acclaim with their first two full-length albums, Forever Scarlet Passion from 1993 and Solar Lovers from 1995, both still regarded as seminal doom-metal releases right next to Anathema’s Serenades, Paradise Lost’s Gothic and My Dying Bride’s Turn Loose the Swans.

Celestial Season - 1995
Celestial Season – 1995

A mix of the Forever Scarlet Passion and Solar Lovers line-up re-grouped to create what they labelled as the ‘Doom Era’ line-up; with Stefan Ruiters back on vocals, Lucas van Slegtenhorst on bass, Olly Smit and Pim van Zanen on guitars, Jason Köhnen on drums, Jiska Ter Bals back on violin and Elianne Anemaat on cello.

Together, they’ve created and recorded The Secret Teachings, an hour-long musical journey that perfectly recaptured the magic and splendour of their early years. Mysterium I follows the same path, delivering a poignant and melancholic doom-metal that cements Celestial Season status as one of the best European doom-metal bands.

Mysterium I Tracklisting:
01. Black Water Mirrors
02. The Golden Light Of Late Day
03. Sundown Transcends Us
04. This Glorious Summer
05. Endgame
06. All That Is Known
07. Mysterium

Celestial Season is:
Stefan Ruiters – Vocals
Olly Smit – Guitars
Pim van Zanen – Guitars
Lucas van Slegtenhorst – Bass
Jiska Ter Bals – Violin
Elianne Anemaat – Cello
Jason Köhnen – Drums

Mysterium I, the first part in a trilogy from Celestial Season releases on 25th April through Burning World Records, and pre-orders are available over on Bandcamp.

Label: Burning World Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram