Unmothered – S/T – 12″ 2013

Unmothered - S/TUnmothered has surprised me, I was expecting a maelstrom of doom laden guitars and other such nonsense, but what I actually got was a reason to keep listening. From the opening track ‘Gravitons’ you are lulled into believing you are about to enter that world but the band has other matters on its’ mind. They have used the bases of this genre and have thought on how they can best fit within it, using a simple sample as the breakdown for the song has made me sit up and listen.

If you think of albums such as 16’s ‘Dropout’ or Only Living Witness’ ‘Prone Mortal Form’ you’ll understand what I am talking about here, they have taken a language we understand and made it new again.

Tracks like ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Spectre’ dive and skip around in a disjointed manner; they take what would be simple tracks and merge them into something a lot more primal. You are entering something that is quite special and I suggest you hold on as the riffage, fractures and twists your very view of what you first may have thought you knew about this EP.

With each track you are further down into the mind set of this band as they appear to have stripped away any superlative noise twiddling and gone for the juggler in each song. They rampage through each song and you can only hope it never ends.

It’s at the end that you realise how good this EP is, the final track ‘Transcendor’ is a chainsaw cutting straight through all the filth and it finalises itself into a truly anthemic sound for the disillusioned.

I know that a lot of this EP will feel familiar on first listen, but I recommend you listen to it a few times and after I think you will quickly buy the vinyl as it may be an actual classic and something you will definitely want to have in your life.

Label: Toxic Assets Records
Band Links: Facebook

Scribed by: Guy Nolan