Review: Sporae Autem Yuggoth ‘The Plague Of The Aeons’

Named after the last major poetical work from H.P. Lovecraft, Fungi From Yuggoth (however, translated into their native language) Sporae Autem Yuggoth are a Chilean death-doom band who have their debut record The Plague Of Aeons ready to spore and burrow into your waiting and willing ear canals. Get ready for monstrous riffs, covered in feedback, leaving your knees trembling and under this five piece’s mind control. This infectious plume is ready to rise and spread across the globe on March 9th via Personal Records and Necrolatry Records, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers firmly affixed to your debit card.

Sporae Autem Yuggoth 'The Plague of the Aeons'

The Plague Of Aeons kicks off the way that all great death doom records should… with a monstrous riff that tonally throws me right back to bands like death doom icon’s Mourning Beloveth, Winter and even the more extreme side of the genre with a group like Cianide. What’s great is that Sporae… aren’t afraid to add some melody to their sound, especially on track Teleport To Obscurity which has these almost Sabbath-esque tinges to the riffs.

What Sporae… give you is not just a wall of noise, it’s a huge sound that is utterly crushing, but also grabs you and takes you with it. You’ll no doubt find yourself nodding along while you’re listening to this. These riffs are accompanied by mammoth drums with plenty of china which sound great, yet are paired back slightly, leaving all the focus on those massive riffs. This allows Sporae… to pack in tonnes of that misery laden atmosphere that we all love and what you need to make a truly great death doom record.  

If you’re looking for some new death doom that’s got great writing and sounds on point, monolithic yet melodic, then I highly recommend…

These tones, instrumentations and atmospheres continue across the whole record and are perfectly tied together with the low and guttural vocals that weave across the instrumentation, almost seeping out of your stereo like a grey mist that builds into a physical form. Or maybe that’s just all the mushrooms… it’s almost transcendental, with four tracks spanning thirty minutes, you’re drawn into ruinous magic, especially with the overly distorted production, making everything sound just massive, almost over encompassing, but in the way a record of this nature should. There’s even points where the group pick up the pace and absolutely slay, like the midpoint on record closer Cathedral Of The Abuser which is a section that Asphyx would be proud of putting out.

For my first foray into Chilean death doom, this was a great one. If you’re looking for some new death doom that’s got great writing and sounds on point, monolithic yet melodic, then I highly recommend you venturing into South America to check out this delectable little slab. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have great taste… So, stop what you’re doing and go order it!

Label: Personal Records | Necrolatry Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Matt Alexander