Review: Vaisseau ‘Horrors Waiting In Line’

The resurgence of the 1980s in its multiple forms brings with it a plethora of ideas that were either amazing or absolutely abhorrent. Thankfully one of the best things to come from the decade was a multitude of dystopian post-apocalyptic movies, ranging from cult classics such as Mad Max and Escape From New York, through to more abstract offerings like Battle Truck.

Vaisseau ‘Horrors Waiting In Line’

The revivalist synthwave and synthcore work of emerging artists like Carpenter Brut and Dance With The Dead blended the world of apocalyptic dystopian 80s film homage using synthesisers in a unique way. Now enter Vaisseau and their album Horrors Waiting In Line.

The album builds on the concept of synthcore and synth waves from contemporaries such as Grimlin, Perturbator and Gunship, but adds the quite obvious and amazing use of live recorded percussion and hard hitting drums. Whereas the aforementioned are clearly using programmed and sequenced drums in their synthesiser drenched progressions, Vaisseau are driving forward a much harder, hasher and vibrant performance with their use of drums, helping to deliver the album.

Text book example of how Vaisseau separate themselves from their peers is immediate with opener The Liberator, where after some engaging and absorbing opening synthesiser, the drums kick in and start to drive and set the whole pace of the track.

…the opening sonics progress into the thickest bass synth and drums with cymbals crashing and crescendos abound…

Standout for me is the third track, Sonic Dislocation, where the opening sonics progress into the thickest bass synth and drums with cymbals crashing and crescendos abound! Vaisseau however are not just a synthcore/darkwave band as Force Macabre provides some ambient Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis esque relief from the horrors throughout.

Overall, this album is incredibly well produced and sounds phenomenal throughout covering a range of emotions and intensity. There are six tracks totalling 35 minutes and are delivered on a beautiful piece of wax from Totem Cat Records. Artwork duties have been covered with an awesome oil painting from renowned artist Jason Wayne Barnett.

To conclude, the use of drums really separates Vaisseau from anyone else in the synthwave movement. For a debut album, Horrors Waiting In Line has an outstanding delivery that sets the band up perfectly to compete with the likes of Carpenter Brut in a rapidly evolving and re-emerging genre.

Label: Totem Cat Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Francisco Javier