Review: Ecstatic Vision ‘For The Masses’

Ecstatic Vision = That which is a lived expression of pain and passion from the heights of culture to the depths of the primitive. If you hold onto nothing and expect nothing, listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Ecstatic Vision 'For The Masses'

The Kerouac Burroughs Beat Generation school of ecstatic visions abound and soft-baked existentialism for the masses if they can handle that throw down with 36 minutes of chromosome deficient heavy psych jams along the lineage of Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Nebula and White Hills and some other heavies wondering if you miss the days? Daze? Moontower. The woods. Down by tha lake eh? If you think life is not just science, then listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Philadelphia four piece (Imagine if that was eight) new album titled For The Masses out now via Heavy Psych Sounds with cover art trippy trails like good times you can use any door to get in the van what would Lemmy do, WWLD? If you think death demonstrates life’s absurdity, then listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Space-computer riffs from point zero with a nod scene along the path a stratified series of ruins and primeval ground explosions always remain seated chill. If you think of the world as a living organism, then listen to Ecstatic Vision.

36 minutes of chromosome deficient heavy psych jams along the lineage of Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Nebula and White Hills

Your breath quickens where no life is possible except roll and rock percussion soaked harmonic smoke sessions, think vintage Detroit tense aura of the MC5 and the Stooges and the dynamic ill-fuzzerato machines. If you think everything is permitted, then listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Keep it low-brow dirty hooks deprived of light our eyes watering and burning free the doorways ol’ cosmo-rock hypnotic repetition long-haul indulgence toward sunrise where shadows are the beginning and neo-shamanic ritual soundtracks are the ambience. If you run with the beast, then listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Drift with the tide waiting for a life-altering moment keep filling up an empty life not just an existence man is responsible and death is everything an eye and a hand Dionysian vs. Apollonian it’ll give ya flashbacks and old-school imagery engaging all the senses with that zig-zag flowing friction papers and cement shoes what went wrong but drummers give things meaning. If you have undergone 12 years of psychoanalysis, listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Artificial layering density dig organic abysses seeing right through the sound colors of the secret and Zap Comix rebirth noise freak-out a calculated drama and new frontiers and cathartic intros to the magic motor ride. In God’s absence, listen to Ecstatic Vision.

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
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Scribed by: Rob Savela