Pohl ‘Pohl II’ Digital EP 2014

Pohl 'Pohl II'The power trio that is Pohl delivers some thick groove on their latest EP. Simply titled ‘Pohl II’, the three-song release clocks in at around 17 minutes long, and will likely leave you wanting more of Pohl in you.

The first track, amusingly titled ‘Cute Guy Alert‘, begins with a funky, almost poppy riff that smacks of the playfully sinister. Things get taken to a more sludgy realm when the drums kick in, with some psychedelic sounding noise for good measure. Will Pearce’s vocals are an immediate standout, reaching admirable highs and giving off a classic vibe, his cadence perfectly aligned with the pounding rhythm.

Eraser’ eases off of the gas pedal, just slightly, and shows the versatility of this group. There are hints of Queens Of The Stone Age, or Alice In Chains. Rather than conforming to the things that have come to be seen as essential or traditional elements of sludge/doom, these musicians are clearly striving to create art that pleases them first, genre constraints be damned. ‘God Save The Queen (High on Death)’ largely features soft, clean guitar work, and quiet, hypnotic vocals. These elements do not feel out of place at all, and in fact work exceptionally well to make the listener take pause and be genuinely impacted.

Pohl is an excellent amalgamation of some of the best elements of hard and alternative rock music, and the blend works well for them. Never does it feel forced, or hollow. Rather, it feels epic, a little bit sexy (as rock and roll should from time to time), emotive, and intelligently heavy.

Label: Self Released
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Matt Breining