Paganus – S/T – CD 2008

Paganus - S/T - CD 2008The first thing I’ll say about this release is it’s certainly a grower, with more going on than first meets the eye. The subtly of this album became apparent to me by the amount of spins I had to give it to acquire any sort of handle on it for a review.

From its slow and monolithic opening, Paganus twist and turn over these four tracks creating various moods along the way from hateful sludge to more mellow thoughtful sections. As for the vocalist he manages to speak, shout and scream throughout these tracks with his overall style being reminiscent of Burning Witch.

Overall a dark and deep release with a prevailing sense of menace throughout. With a running time of almost 50mins and songs titles such as Skullsplitter and Blood Soaked Boots is was never going to be easy listening. Extreme and vicious, do the right thing and condemn your currency to rust.

Label: Totalrust Music

Scribed by: Mark Burns