Lord Fowl ‘Moon Queen’ CD/Digital 2012

Lord Fowl 'Moon Queen' CD/DD 2012Oh, so you have a band, that’s great. Wow, look how many notes you can play and how many times you can change tempo…and your songs have so many parts…I’m impressed!!! Now please unplug your instruments, step aside and let Lord Fowl show you just how to be a fucking great rock and roll band!!!!

Hailing out of New Haven, Connecticut, Lord Fowl are the latest in a very long line of Small Stone bands all kicking out some fuzz drenched rock and roll but there’s something about these guys that lifts them a head above their label peers. Yes folks, Lord Fowl are a real find and Small Stone should be throwing a ton of cash, hooker, drugs and booze their way right now.

Big, bold, brash, brassy and balls out Lord Fowl bring 70’s influenced rock kicking and screaming into the 21st century. They have an uncanny knack of mixing up the sheer crushing weight of Black Sabbath with the pop suss and song writing skills, not to mention huge hooks and choruses of Montrose and Kiss and throw in a touch of Thin Lizzy’s twin axe attack to create a sound that is utterly irresistible. From the opening hookfest that is the title track, through the mighty grooves of “Touch Your Groove” and the boogie blast of “Split” to the monolithic grind of “Mutate” and the Judas Priest rush of “Streets Of Evermore” and on to the majestic and totally addictive glam bubblegum stomp of “The Queen Is Not Impressed” the potential hits just keep on coming like a porn star working overtime hours. The latter should be issued as a single forthwith with a killer video to match. This is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard this year…and in many recent years…hell, this is a hard rock classic just nestling here waiting to be found like a coiled viper!!!

I like Lord Fowl…I really REALLY like Lord Fowl…a lot!!! They make me want to drive fast, they make me want to drink beer, they make me want to fuck women far younger than myself, they make me want to throw out my entire wardrobe and replace it with nothing but denim, they make me want to throw the horns and shout “fuck yeah” as though I’ve had the greatest rock and roll lobotomy, they make me realise just why I fell in love with good, solid, heavy rock and roll some 30 years ago when I was barely out of shorts!!! This is exactly what rock and roll is meant to be, forget your genres this is the real deal and Lord Fowl aren’t ashamed to rub their sweaty rock and roll balls right in your faces!!! Go out and buy this but make sure you pick up a six pack of ale on your way home as it demands it. Possibly the best Small Stone release since Roadsaw’s self titled album…and that’s some compliment!!!

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Label: Small Stone Recordings
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/LORD-FOWL/260582122862

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall