Review: Deep Space Mask ‘In Tenebris’

I don’t think it’s true that in space no one can hear you scream. Deep Space Mask brings forth proof in the form of classic doom metal with a modern sound. Formed in early 2020 by ex-Fiinky Pie bassist and vocalist Raymz, Deep Space Mask is a French heavy and classic doom metal act which, with this release, is now up to its second studio album, In Tenebris, coming out through Argonauta Records.

Deep Space Mask 'In Tenebris'

The album cover doesn’t convey too much, with a pretty generic skull and poor font choices obscuring what looks like a pretty cool and atmospheric illustration. Since Raymz‘s press photo obscures his face and I wasn’t able to find his lyrics, the music was forced to stand completely on its own. Thankfully it does that in spades.

The production is really good, very clean. It sounds very digital but overall, it coalesces nicely. The sound is powerful and the mix works great. The headbanging can be maintained at a pretty steady pace across the nine tracks, so remember to stretch.

Opener Clinton Road is a massive slugger. The band’s tempo changes are very organic and flow amazingly well throughout the album. Dark Light is all about the old school dark lyrics. It’s really fucking heavy, but the music still has a distinct old school vibe to it. Multi-instrumentalist Raymz really pulled through on this second album with great success. Into The Unknown is clearly a very well executed Iommi tribute. I’d say this track could very well give Sabbath’s latter output without Bill Ward a run for its money.

There are plenty of dynamics but the power and heaviness is pretty much at 11 all the time…

Slave carries on with more 80s metal vibes thrown in the mix, always with that powerful sound smashing down on the listener. I was hoping for a thrash metal moment on this track, but it turned out to be a shredding solo. I should’ve known!

In Tenebris is a display of incorporating some dissonance into the formula with awesome results. At times, it feels like some sort of really dark power ballad. The vocal stylings shift across the songs invoking different classic metal vocalists while displaying the wide vocal skills of Raymz.

The songwriting is really solid across all tracks, keeping the heavy on blast pretty much at all times. Breakaway has a great groove. Heavy Metal Thunder is pretty much rocking ready for the heavy metal parking lot. Strange Ways closes out the album at a steady heavy pace. There are plenty of dynamics but the power and heaviness is pretty much at 11 all the time. Pretty epic!

Label: Argonauta Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Goro Riffs