Creation Myths ‘It Only Gets Worse’ DD 2014

Creation Myths 'It Only Gets Worse'Matt Finney is a spoken word artist. To put out something new that you can listen from your easy chair, when you wish to think about how everything went wrong, he teamed up with Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues. Together they made a nice record with three songs under the moniker Creation Myths.

Combining the skill of making eerie soundscapes with strong atmospheres with the words of Finney proves to be a great match. Though this might not be your typical bit of listening material, it is very haunting and dark. The combination seems to go for minimal sound and maximum impact, in which it succeeds easily.

Dropped is the first song by the duo. A hazy breeze of electronic sound floats in the air, reminiscent of trip hop groups of the 90s. The sound moves on, drops of rain are falling down on the stretched out landscape that is painted with the music. A slow beat keeps that calm vibe going. Half way through the song, the words come. Softly spoken, just a bit louder than a whisper. Melancholic words fit in well with the music, which after a few lines continues further. Relaxing and light, it’s like one of those first autumn days.

The follow up is Indian Summer. Eerie tones are sounding, sliding in after each other, slightly dissonant. A melody starts playing, subtle and more at home possibly in a post-rock track by the likes of God Is An Astronaut or Mono. A throbbing rhythm follows and swells up. When the words of Finney are lisped gently that subsides for a moment, calming down, but once again rising with the instrumental part. It feels hectic, nervous almost, even though the melody sounds serene. The rhythm morphs into what sounds like an EBM beat, before everything slowly fades out.

The title track is the final one. Creation Myths opens with warm clouds of sound. A slow, almost sensual beat pulsates through the song on a lounge pace. Gently the words are spoken and the rest of the song is just an outro for this record.

A total of 15 minutes might not be long, but the collaborators make it feel so much longer and more intense than it seems. It only gets worse after all…

Label: Self Released
Band Links: Bandcamp

Scribed by: Guido Segers