WILD EYES: Sophomore Album To Be Released Via Heavy Psych Sounds During October; Winter 2014 Euro Tour Announced

Wild Eyes

Disaster! Blue Cheer kidnaps Tina Turner and ties her to the tracks of Grand Funk Railroad. The WILD EYES express bears down from San Francisco, wheels churning. In the tender, drummer Ben Richardson and bassist Carson Binks (Saviours, Dzjenghis Khan) fuel the engine with syncopated clatter and incendiary rumble. Whirling riffs and searing, psychedelic solos by guitarist Chris Corona (Floating Goat, Hazzard’s Cure) soar from the smokestack. Just before the crash, a soulful siren: singer Janiece Gonzalez, whose warning comes too late. Carnage! Then, from the wreckage – twisted metal, pulverized rock, burning soul – comes their sophomore album on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Set to be released during October 2014, this is the follow up to 2013’s Get Into It as Ollie proclaimed in his reviewImagine early Cactus…wild, fuzzed up deviations on blues themes played from the guts and the heart with more than a passing nod to the groin. Music played with every ounce of passion available that almost literally drips from the speakers. Now take Janis Joplin’s raw, powerful howl and lay that over the top relating tales of rock and roll excess and you have the recipe for rock and roll perfection. That’s San Francisco’s Wild Eyes in a nutshell.”

Wild Eyes - Artwork

WILD EYES has also announced a European tour throughout November and December, the dates are as follows:

WILD EYES Euro Tour 2014
14/11/2014 IT Erba-Centrale tba
15/11/2014 IT Piacenza-Sound Bonico
16/11/2014 IT tba
17/11/2014 CH St Gallen tba
18/11/2014 CH Ins-Shuxenhaus
19/11/2014 CH Whinthertur-Gaswerk
20/11/2014 CH Luzern-Bruch Bros
21/11/2014 CH Olten-Coq D’or
22/11/2014 D Augsburg – tba
23/11/2014 AU tba
24/11/2014 AU Wien-Arena
25/11/2014 D Erfurt-Cafè Tiko
26/11/2014 D Leipzieg-Zoro tba
27/11/2014 D Berlin-Tba
28/11/2014 D Siegen-Vortex Club
29/11/2014 N Schoonhoven-La Bastille tba
30/11/2014 N Drachten-Tba
01/12/2014 N Den Haag-Dystopia tba
02/12/2014 tba
03/12/2014 tba
04/12/2014 D Freiburg-White Rabbit
05/12/2014 IT Bologna – tba
06/12/2014 IT Rome – tba

Celebration! The WILD EYES express thunders on! More news to follow soon!


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