Soggy Bog 97 – The Wandering Midget/Vinum Sabbatum NEW Albums In Their Entirety!

Soggy Bog

The latest Soggy Bog Podcast, episode 97 is now available and this week it’s a spotlight on Eyes Like Snow Records where they’ll be playing new albums by The Wandering Midget (From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams) and Vinum Sabbatum (Bacchanale Premire) in their entirety, plus tracks from labels back catalog that includes Funeral Circle, The Flight Of Sleipner, Apostle Of Solitude, Hour Of 13, Lord Vicar, The Wounded Kings, Wheel, Capilla Ardiente, Rituals Of The Oak, The Lamp Of Thoth & Darkest Era.

Head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, also note that it’s back to the usual web address for this weeks show and you can also follow Bob over on facebook at