Soggy Bog 147 – Horrorshow Featuring A World Premier Of Two New Tracks By Cardinal Wyrm!

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The latest Soggy Bog Podcast is now available and this weeks show is a Horror Special featuring the world premier of two new tracks from Cardinal Wyrm, one track is the last tune ever recorded with their previous bass player and the other is a new tune (Rudimentary Peni cover!) featuring their brandy new bassist Rachel.

The remaining playlist follows a Horror/Halloween theme which are interspersed with some choice horror film audio samples, quite fitting as we approach the witching hour that is Hallows Eve, and bands featured include Church Of Misery, Pungent Stench, Autopsy, Moss, Crypt Lurker, Coffins, Mercyful Fate, Reverend Bizarre, Uncoffined, OvO, Blood Ceremony, The Devils Blood and a whole lot more!

You can stream the show below and head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, you can also follow Bob over on Facebook at