Soggy Bog 133 – The Doom Of Ireland + Exclusive New War Iron Track

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The latest Soggy Bog Podcast, episode 133, is now available and this week is a tribute the bands from the Emerald Isle, as Bob puts it “A small island but full of some of some AMAZING doom” and I could agree more! As well a new and exclusive track by War Iron, the play list also includes new and older tracks from the likes of Drainland, Iweriu, Graveyard Dirt, Mourning Beloveth, Tome, Angry Host, Brains, Harvester, Mongolia, Astralnaut, Fuckhammer, Slomatics, Weedpriest, Okus, Dread Sovereign, Bad Boat & more!

You can stream the show below and head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, you can also follow Bob over on Facebook at