Soggy Bog 109 – Lot’s Of Everything, The Bandcamp Raid

Soggy Bog

It’s been a while since we made a news post about the Soggy Bog, to which we can only apologise, but the murky Podcast continues to spawn and this weeks show, episode 109, is now available for your listening pleasure and features the entire new EP by Cpt. Kronos as well as an eclectic mix from artists that appear on Bandcamp so there’s lots of everything to please everyone’s tastes and bands showcased include Dagnir, Palm Desert, The Witches Drum, Torche, Eternal Elysium, Sardonis, Lurk, War Iron, Headless Kross, Old Man Wizard, Rabbits, Acid Deathtrip and more!

Head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, and you can also follow Bob over on facebook at