SCOTT KELLY AND THE ROAD HOME Announce New Album Details

Scott Kelly - Photo by William Lacalmontie

Founding Neurosis guitarist/vocalist SCOTT KELLY is preparing to release his new solo album via Neurot Recordings & My Proud Mountain this August.

The past two years have seen SCOTT KELLY touring across three continents, besides recording for and releasing a split 7″ with Wino and the most recent Songs of Townes Van Zandt tribute album with Wino and fellow Neurosis mate Steve Von Till. The highly anticipated new full-length sees KELLY once again digging deep into very personal territories as on his previous solo works including his lauded Spirit Bound Flesh and The Wake, yet forges a brand new path as fellow musicians Noah Landis (Neurosis) and Greg Dale join this new venture as SCOTT KELLY AND THE ROAD HOME. Jason Roeder (Neurosis, Sleep) and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light) make guest appearances on the album’s seventh track “The Field That Surrounds Me” and the cover art for the album was completed by Thomas Hooper.

The eight tracks found on the new opus, entitled The Forgiven Ghost In Me, was recorded by Landis, and runs deep with over forty minutes of foreboding Americana over eight new anthems, showcasing the ever-evolving artist brandishing some of his most expressive hymns of pain, reflection and redemption to date.

Scott Kelly And The Road Home - Artwork

Stated SCOTT KELLY on the album: “This record continues my passion for acoustic experimentation, this time with a more fleshed out sound and a more diverse use of musicians and instrumentation. But in the end, as I have stated before, this is all about the songs in their rawest form. The stories that they reveal and the emotions that run rampant through my heart.”

Preorders for The Forgiven Ghost In Me can be placed now VIA NEUROT. Stay tuned for new SCOTT KELLY tour dates and more info on the forthcoming album in the weeks ahead.

Source: Rarely Unable/Earsplit PR
Photo Credit: William Lacalmontie