Roadburn Festival 2014: Costin Chioreanu’s Official Poster Art – Candlemass

Roadburn 2014 - Candlemass Poster by Costin Chioreanu

Over the last couple of years, Costin Chioreanu’s aesthetic and outlook proved supremely compatible with Roadburn, thus they invited him back to put his inimitable signature on the 19th edition of the Roadburn Festival by designing the official artwork.

In keeping with tradition, Costin has also set the visual tone for some bands playing Roadburn Festival 2014 and they are proud to unveil his official poster for Candlemass. Feast your eyes and see what has sprung forth from the fertile imagination of this highly talented visionary artist.

Costin Chioreanu has been creating album artwork for over a decade. He started out illustrating his band’s demos, but would soon be influenced by circumstances in post-Communist Romania, too. In the mid-1990s, metal fans in Bucharest were lucky to find bootleg cassettes with badly photocopied covers. Undeterred, Costin simply made his own using Heavy Metal Magazine, the country’s sole heavy music publication, as a reference.

Today, he has emerged as one of the most talented artists in the realm of avant-metal and dark psychedelica, producing work for the likes of Darkthrone, Ulver, Triptykon, At The Gates, Neurosis and Opeth. Whether the images he conjures are disturbing, provocative or enchanting, they consistently show great finesse, sensitivity and depth.

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