Roadburn 2012: Audio Streams Now Available For for AUN, Dopethrone, Saturnalia Temple, The Wounded Kings & More

Roadburn 2012 Artwork by Michel 'Away' Langevin

The next instalment of Audio Streams from Roadburn 2012 is now available with live sets from AUN, Dark Buddha Rising, Dopethrone, End Of Level Boss, Necros Christos, Saturnalia Temple, Spiders and The Wounded Kings.

There is a treasure trove of transmissions from Planet Roadburn waiting to be discovered. Check out the shows you might have missed or want to relive. To those of you who could not be there: Roadburn hope you enjoy the virtual experience!

AUN – Live at Roadburn 2012

Dark Buddha Rising – Live at Roadburn 2012

Dopethrone – Live at Roadburn 2012

End of Level Boss – live at Roadburn 2012

Necros Christos – Live at Roadburn 2012

Saturnalia temple – Live at Roadburn 2012

Spiders – Live at roadburn 2012

The Wounded Kings – Live at Roadburn 2012