HØSTSABBAT 2013 Kicks Off This Friday In Oslo, Norway w/ Spectral Haze, Lonely Kamel, Brutus, Tombstones & More!

Høstsabbat 2013

HØSTSABBAT is a newborn initiative, brought to life by people involved in the underground scene in Norway which kicks off This Friday, 13th September 2013.

It’s a DIY-festival, in collaboration with the student-organisation at Betong in Oslo, Norway, focusing on presenting the best underground bands Norway has to offer.

Over two days you can experience slow doom, heavy bluesrock, proto-heavy metal, psychedelic spacerock and prog. The concerts will be held on two different stages, located in the same venue. In addition to this, you’ll find stands, food, beverages and diverse stimulation for your ears and mind. DJ’s from the Norwegian scene and Roadburn Festival will accompany your days with the right soundtrack. and the running order for the 2 days is as follows:

Friday 13th September
17:00: Dørene åpner
18:00 Hymn
19:00 Spectral Haze
20:00 High Priest Of Saturn
21:00 Devil
22:00 Tusmørke
23:15 Lamented Souls

Afterparty: Roadburn DJ’s

Saturday 14th September:
16:00: Dørene åpner
17:00 Dunbarrow
18:00 Purple Hill Witch
19:00 The Devil And The Almighty Blues
20:00 Resonaut
21:00 Tombstones
22:00 Brutus
23:15 Lonely Kamel

Afterparty: Høstsabbat DJ’s with heavy friends

Cheap accommodation is located nearby the venue, and the damage for a two-day ticket is about 50 euros.

A Facebook Event has also been set up HERE & tickets are still available HERE