ELECTRIC WIZARD Set To Release New Single!

Electric Wizard - Supersonic 2011

Doom kings ELECTRIC WIZARD will release a new 7” single on March 31 entitled ‘Legalise Drugs And Murder’.

The single – the first of a series being planned – was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales and features the title track and a B-side called ‘Murder And Madness’.

Mainman Jus Oborn told Terrorizer: “We’ve started recording the [new] album but basically I can’t see it getting finished before the end of the year. So we thought rather than giving it a year before anyone gets some new songs, let’s put out some 7”s as we go along.”

On the tracks Jus added: “[We’ve] aspirations of it being a being like ‘Paranoid’ or ‘Sweat Leaf’, a real classic anthem. The title is a hail to the fans and part of our whole ethos.”


Source: Terrorizer