DREAD SOVEREIGN: Hymn From Debut LP By Dublin-Based Doom Trio Streaming At Pitchfork

Dread Sovereign

Dublin-based true doom trio, DREAD SOVEREIGN — featuring two members of longtime Irish sinister metal clan, Primordial — today sets loose a massive new hymn from their heroic debut album, All Hell’s Martyrs, via Pitchfork.

Alongside the exclusive listen to the ninth of All Hell’s Martyrs’ ten tracks, “Cathars To Their Doom,” the text states of the song, “The nine-minute dirge ‘Cathars to Their Doom’ is the best example of just how far they’ve come in their short existence. It’s a staid funeral procession of a song, marching along ominously at a dead man’s pace. The classic doom undertones of their first release have become showpieces, augmented by wild-eyed blues solos and a warm, inviting guitar tone.”

Unveil the conquering “Cathars To Their Doom” now playing at Pitchfork AT THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, the album’s “Cthulu Opiate Haze” is still playing at Roadburn RIGHT HERE.

All Hell’s Martyrs (review here) will see official release on March 21st through Germany’s cult label, Ván Records, the sanctuary who has helped cultivate and deliver countless incredible acts including The Devil’s Blood, The Ruins Of Beverast, Urfaust, Year Of The Goat and more. Preorders for the CD and LP versions of the album are available HERE.

Dread Sovereign 'All Hell's Martyrs' Artwork

Following the 2013 release of their critically acclaimed Pray To The Devil In Man 12” EP, DREAD SOVEREIGN entered Dublin’s Sun Studios in September to harness their newest collection of tales, resulting in the massive ten track beast, All Hell’s Martyrs. A sepulchral trawl through the darkest recesses of heavy metal, the album bends and morphs the band’s influences of Venom, Saint Vitus and Cirith Ungol in the raw underground cult doom idiom with the epic metal prowess of Celtic black/folk purveyors, Primordial, in which vocalist/bassist Nemtheanga and drummer Dubh Sol both perform full-time. Rounded out by guitarist Bones, the pack formulate a cavernously heavy yet spiritually-rousing triumvirate of old-school attitude and arcane spirituality. The album artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu whose previous credits include Grave, Darkthrone, Aura Noir and Absu.

Stay tuned for additional pre-release announcements and corresponding live performances to be announced in the weeks ahead.

5/01/04-2014 Heavy Days In Doom Town – Copenhagen, Denmark [info]


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