BONGZILLA (Stoner-Sludge legends, Relapse Recs.) Comeback! Selected Gigs in Europe and Russia!


Gure Hitzak proudly presents the comeback of the Stoner-Sludge legends BONGZILLA after a hiatus of several years.

BONGZILLA became a classic band in the Sludge/Doom/Stoner scene in the begining of the 2000s with albums like “Stash” or “Gateway”. In 2005 came out their last studio album “Amerijuanican” recorded with “Dixie” Dave Collins bass-player of WEEDEATER as a member. Later the band got into a hiatus till now, during this period some members has been active in other musical projects like AQUILONIAN, with Mike (vocalist/guitarrist) and Magma (Drummer).

Bongzilla returns, to the stages only for now, with the line-up of “Gateaway” album. Some gig in the U.S. and a bunch of selected gigs in Europe and Russia, including performance in festivals like Temples in Bristol, U.K. and Heavy Days in Doomtown in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is the list of the gigs in Europe and Russia:

Friday 1.5 – Low Fi, Milan, Italy
Saturday 2.5 – Heavy days in doomtown festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
Monday 4.5 – Blitz, Oslo, Norway
Tuesday 5.5 – Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden
Wednesday 6.5 – Klubi, Turku, Finland + GANGRENED
Thursday 7.5 – Rentukka, Jyväskylä, Finland + GANGRENED
Friday 8.5 – Varjobaari, Tampere, Finland + GANGRENED
Saturday 9.5 – Lepakkomies, Helsinki, Finland + GANGRENED
Sunday 10.5 – Monaclub, Moscow, Russia
Friday 29.5 – Temples festival, Bristol, U.K.

Bongzilla tour