Bongripper: Entire Satan Worshipping Doom Performance At Roadburn 2012 Available

Bongripper - Roadburn 2012

Bongripper’s entire Satan Whorshipping Doom performance at this year’s Roadburn Festival, which took place April 12-15 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland, has been posted on Youtube. Watch the clips below.

Bongripper is a four-piece instrumental doom metal band from Chicago. Since 2005, they have self-released six recordings. Known for a deafening and intense live performance, the band thrives on an unrelenting sound that can compete with any of the heaviest metal bands of their genre.  Satan Worshipping Doom ranked among the best albums of 2010, as voted by the Roadburn staff and readers alike. Hail Satan. Worship Doom!