BLACK SUN DRUM KORPS Presents ‘Invokation Of Lady MacBeth’ This November

Drum Major Russell MacEwan

BLACK SUN DRUM KORPS lead by Drum Major Russell MacEwan proudly present their darkest ‘Invokation Of Lady MacBeth‘ which takes place over 3 nights at the Summerhall, Edinburgh on November 27th, 29th & 30th 2013 with Special Guests appearances by Jarboe (Swans) & Ron Athey (US) details about tickets will be announced soon.

Sex, Magick & Blood.
The Blood Pact from Lady MacBeth – Black Sun Drum Korps. Sexual invokation based upon the supremely dark dialogue and ritual magick from the witches and Lady MacBeth.

“Unsex me here!”

Live exploration of the previously secret and unseen rituals using Lady MacBeth’s body as black mirror. Scrying blood to divine the past, present and future; Lady MacBeth observes her subconscious.
Inspired by the automatic writing/cut up technique made famous by William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, highlander rhythms, dark magick and industrial witchcraft combine to create a primal, visceral and very intense experience only for the strong of heart.

“….Lady Macbeth, ears ringing from the visceral clamour created by Black Sun Drum Korps as they mashed up Shakespeare’s text with brutal, ear-shattering pulses battered out of that Glue Factory tank. There was more. More than could be seen in a day that was a self-contained triumph…” Mary Brennan – Herald Scotland

Black Sun Drum Korps - Lady Macbeth