BEASTMILK: Stereogum Leaks Song Off New LP From Finnish Post-Punk Quartet


As Finland’s apocalypse-anticipating post-punk outfit, BEASTMILK, awaits the public disbursement of their Climax LP, another brand new single from the highly-anticipated record has been leaked via Stereogum.

“The song ‘Fear Your Mind’ is about assassination fixation, our mass hybristophilia and the abstraction of the term ‘evil,'” provides BEASTMILK vocalist and primary lyricist Kvohst on the powerful anthem. “The title alludes to something we all need to face, our natural instincts, deepest fears and desires. The whole album is about how we face death and the end. Through murder we know ourselves and we learn to face ourselves. I am making a point about our social inability to accept that part of ourselves that is present in the Manson cult and killers like Pekka-Erik Auvinen. My mixing of dates and years there is meant to make the point that time is irrelevant; the victims and their families never forget, no matter how hard society tries to abstract the most heinous of crimes. They will always be recent on a personal level. Death is how we relate to history and how we place ourselves into that history. It’s how we learn to be human. These murders repeat themselves and will continue to repeat themselves for all time. We cannot escape who we are. We simply have to live with it and learn to live in fear of our own minds.”

With the exclusive premiere of “Fear Your Mind,” Stereogum states of BEASTMILK‘s inescapably infectious fusion of genres, art, and ideals: “Kvohst had achieved notoriety with his other bands, which include occult-folk act Hexvessel and Norwegian black-metallers Dødheimsgard… BEASTMILK has little in common with anything else in Kvohst’s portfolio: This is high-tension, icily propulsive post-punk with goth dramatics and aerodynamic Scandinavian songcraft…”

Let the ominous “Fear Your Mind” loose at Stereogum RIGHT HERE.

Recently, Pitchfork released the album’s “Love in a Cold World” single, HERE.

Beastmilk 'Fear Your Mind' Artwork

Climax will see release on November 29, 2013 — in North America via Magic Bullet Records, in cooperation with Svart Records responsible for all other territories — both labels to unleash LP, CD and Digital formats. Recorded, mixed, and produced in July of 2013 at GodCity Studios by Kurt Ballou, Climax conveys a true, genuine excitement and all-consuming state of euphoric thrall in the face of the bleak, end-of-days thematic narratives. Instead of stereotypically brooding and glacially plodding through the inherent darkness cast from Kvohst’s poetic spells, the instrumentalists of BEASTMILK apply a unique, surging catchiness composed of infectious anthemic charges and unbreakable spirit from beginning to end. True to form, when the end finally comes and consumes all else, Climax stands as the enduring battle hymn for the exhilarated survivors of a cold world.