Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014: Guido Segers Previews The Dutch Metal Weekend

Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014

Here’s the season to be jolly… well not quite yet, though some people will be very pleased with what the Eindhoven Metal Meeting has in store for them. So is the Sleeping Shaman, who is interested in all things heavy. Since there is more to see in the south of the Netherlands than Roadburn, let’s have a look at the yearly metal festival.

This year, the festival went back to a two day event, but that has not stopped the organization from creating an awesome line-up. Big names from the past and rising stars will fill the Effenaar during the weekend of the 12th-13th December 2014. The Shaman will help you pick out your line-up. Haven’t got a ticket yet? You still can, they’re still available.

Let us start with the Friday. The first very noticeable thing is the presence of some of the great death metal bands from the past. Asphyx, At The Gates and Sinister are definitely not the new kids on the block. In particular the return of At The Gates will make some death metal hearts beat a lot faster. And by that we only just got started. What about the progressive sound of Morbus Chron or the uncompromising Funeral Whore. Eindhoven’s own Sisters Of Suffocation, from the cities metal academy, is also a pretty interesting act. The all-girl death metal band may look cute, but their sound packs a punch.

For the black metal lovers there is some good stuff in the (kind of) local Carach Angren and the atmospheric Saille. The Committee will gather for one of their rare performances with a doom infused sound. For a different flavor, there is the Latvian folk infused sound of Skyforger. A one of its kind band for sure, but the main attraction for aficionados of this genre will be Urfaust. The band rarely plays live and especially in their own country, so close to home, which is all the more reason to catch this one time opportunity. The mighty Primordial will also perform this night.

That leaves the German thrashers Cripper, who will have a new album out by that time, and the retro-speed metal of Evil Invaders from Belgium to get the beers flowing. Attic will demonstrate their brand of occult heaviness as well on the Friday evening, for those who love a bit of King Diamond-esque darkness. The final treat of this night is a performance of Triptykon. The band released Melana Chasmata earlier this year and now is ready to bring it to the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. That gives an evening packed with great names for the Friday, which is only the start.

When life returns to the Eindhoven Metal Meeting on Saturday, perhaps after filling up the bellies with some food from the ‘Heavy Vethal’ (this is funny in Dutch!), this day offers even more great stuff. For those who need some violence and gore, the likes of Aborted and Exhumed are there to fulfill your needs. Miasmal is also dropping by to make some noise. All to warm up for the band everyone will want to see: Morbid Angel. The headliner for Friday has made its mark on the history of metal and the pioneers from Tampa, Floriday hardly need any introduction.

There is plenty more to see for the Shaman of course, like the folk infused metal of Irish band Cruachan or the festivities with drinking horns and kilt wearing fans of Ensiferum. Those who’ll rather celebrate metal like a Viking will be pleased to know that Unleashed is flying in to raise the hammer. The party will definitely continue with thrashers Dust Bolt or when British old-timers Xentrix rock the stage. The band has large shoes to fill, replacing Onslaught. A band that has nothing left to prove is German thrash band Holy Moses. They have been around forever and had a lady on vocal duties before anyone else. Sabina Klassen paved the way for many others. The band also just got their new album out, titled Redefined Mayhem.

Onward to darker realms it is then, with performances of Viking metallers Thyrfing and the nihilism of Valkyrja. The more melodic sound of Finnish Woland has added another flavor to the black metal ensemble with their new album Hyperion out earlier this year. One other band that is genuinely exciting is Swedish In Solitude. The occult heavy sound of the band has bewildered listeners and is a fascinating live experience. There also are some new kids on the block, like One Tail One Head. The band from Trondheim proves that Norway is still bringing some of the most fierce black metal to the front. Bölzer from Switzerland is an experience like no other. Their fierce blend of black and death, filled with occult themes has been a revelation for those witnessing the act. Something you shouldn’t miss out on at all. Last, but not least, there is the band Blasphemy from Canada. Though the group has not released a record for 21 years, they’re still going strong and having a great time touring. This is one of the original names in black metal and thus definitely worth checking out!

All in all, a line-up packed with stuff the Shaman approves of. If it’s heavy, it must be good. Still, the bands playing this year’s edition of the Eindhoven Metal Meeting offer a wide range of flavors. Some bands are new and surprising, some are old, familiar names. All who love metal can find something here, so come check it out. There’s still tickets available. Oh, and if you can’t get enough, there’s an after party too!

Eindhoven Metal Meeting takes place at Effenaar between the 12th-13th December 2014, day & weekend tickets are on sale now and available from Ticketmaster.nl.


Scribed by: Guido Segers