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Roadburn Festival 2015 Audio Streams – Coltsblood, Eagle Twin, Minsk & More

30th April 2015

Roadburn 2015 - Artwork by Arik Roper

Walter & Co pride themselves on the attention to detail at Roadburn – from the bands they pick, to the artists that exhibit, the curators that they invite and everything in between. This attention to detail extends to the audio recordings that they make of the bands that perform at the festival.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Marcel van de Vondervoort (Torture Garden Studio) and his recording team, and VPRO 3voor12, which is the best cultural media network in the Netherlands, you can catch up on many of the bands that played at Roadburn 2015.

The first batch of audio streams come from Agusa, Coltsblood, Domo, Eagle Twin, Minsk, Mortals, Lazer/Wulf, and Sun Worship. Throw yourself in at the deep end.

Agusa – Live at Roadburn 2015

Coltsblood – Live at Roadburn 2015

Domo – Live at Roadburn 2015

Eagle Twin – Live at Roadburn 2015

Lazer/Wulf – Live at Roadburn 2015

Minsk – Live at Roadburn 2015

Mortals – Live at Roadburn 2015

Sun Worship – Live at Roadburn 2015

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