Premiere: Spliffripper – Self-Titled Debut Album Releases Friday 26th via Desert Records

It’s time to blow away those lockdown blues with an aural battery of the ‘highest’ order with Montana’s new stoner sludge deviants Spliffripper. One of the latest signings to the expanding roster of Albuquerque’s Desert Records, the three piece are gearing up to release their pulverising seven track debut this Friday, 26th March.


With tracks like Bongbreaker, Vietbong, Maui Waui and Funeral Bong, there’s no mystery as to the bands smoke fuelled provenance, what you see is exactly what you get. So take a huge hit, or several, from the nearest spliff, pipe or bong, click play below then drop out to forty minutes of ferocious and heavy, THC induced, stoner sludge doom from Spliffripper

More On Spliffripper & Their Self-Titled Debut

Spliffripper features members of the infamous Montana band Wizzerd, but don’t ask them because they’ll deny it, in fact it really isn’t confirmed that they are in fact members, but it is a HIGHLY circulated rumor.


The anti-stoner reefer-enforcement squadron has arrived: SPLIFFRIPPER Assault your earholes with our message of the true dangers of the illegal narcotic: MARIJUANA!!! Prepare your feeble, hazed-out minds for a sonic assault of sludgy death, cultic tone worship, and cannabis-fueled rage, with riffs so nasty, you’ll drink the bongwater!

Spliffripper 'Spliffripper'

Songs of overdose, addiction, loss, and insanity that are a direct result of this dangerous chemical substance! Your skull will cave in from the sheer power of our propaganda, and you will immediately relinquish all hazardous or unlawful substances, which shall be placed in our possession henceforth!


Spliffripper Tracklisting:
01. Bongbreaker
02. Left is Law
03. Vietbong
04. Chief Kief
06. Maui Waui
07. Funeral Bong
08. Jazz Cabbage

Spliffripper are:
Granddaddy Purple – Guitar, Vocals
Sergeant Stoned – Bass
Smokey McBongwater – Drums

Spliffripper and their Self-Titled debut long player releases this Friday, 26th March via Desert Records, and can be purchased as a CD or Digitally over on Bandcamp. Alternatively you can subscribe to Desert Records, where you’ll receive past, present and future releases, along with exclusive subscriber only benefits. More info can be found over on the labels Bandcamp.

Label: Desert Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram